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My name is Camille. I am a graphic designer, interested in art and photography as well. I am currently the owner of Gus and Gwen, my two beautiful budgies. I love them so much.

I'm in love with birds, especially parrots! But I am aware of the many problems parrots have being in captivity and I hope to bring awareness to these issues. I mostly blog about budgies but many other parrots need our attention and help of course. So expect raising awarness for all parrots!

Submissions are always welcome! And please feel free to ask questions! I love them :D


Budgie funfair (source

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In response to your "gfgdfgdfg" post - I think a budgie might have actually submitted that.
budgielicious budgielicious Said:

hahaha!! didnt think of that. How cute!! reminds me of hungry birds on twitter https://twitter.com/hungry_birds

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budgielicious budgielicious Said:

You need help


she likes to simultaneously watch birds outside and stare at her reflection in the glass.


A documentary on budgies in their natural habitat! I always wondered how they acted in the wild SOME PARTS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!


This kills me extra hard because they’re baby Pikos (Finsch’s Conures)

Maria wrote me, “I have a broken heart because three died in my hands when I was trying to warm them up and feed them. Hope this doesn’t happen again.”  Me too. To avoid future conure crises, I will be going to Honduras in May and will be teaching avian conservation medicine, and with some luck and financial and logistical commitment from others, will also journey to Nicaragua to support parrot conservation efforts there as well in 2012.

If you’d like to help, here’s how you can do so. One is to donate so that I can bring supplies and equipment for the care of these birds. The other is to write me, or make a comment here so that I can send your words to bird’s caretakers of Honduras so they know that they are not alone in this work.


Project Day 259: Sleepy Swan


lookkkk at my pooperuuuu!


Pain in the bum won’t keep quiet during me Jezza time #budgie #bird #Charlie #noisy #pain #prettyboy #chirping #Jeremykyle


If there’s anything you need on your blog it’s Merlin and his giant budgie face


I don’t think Walt enjoyed his bath. #budgie #menolike #fluffy #bird


Violet is getting more used to us.  :D


Look at this little snuggle bug!! #budgie #parakeet #parrot #birds #animals #mario #pets #cute #scritches